Tuesday, December 21, 2010

having fun @kota keriangan

last minute plan...
bangun subuh and terus decide nak pi genting...
so, off we go....
(ramai giler org.. peak hour!)

just arrived..
(sejuk sangat... hariz menggigil)

(Norikh, Kak Lang, Aqil, Aliff, Mirul, Hariz, Awwal & Me)

bought the gloves & ear cover
(mahal giler... nyesal tertinggal gloves AwwalHariz)

sangat sejuk.. extra napkin to cover Awwal's head

comel strawberry Hariz!
(he wears it for a whole day)

this is the best part...





he is soooo brave...
i thought he will crying or screaming..
but i was totally wrong....
(he's the smallest... height cukup2 je)

wearing my inner scarf sbb mmg tersangattt la sejuk...


Mummy & AwwalHariz in stripes

colourful hands

my nephew Aliff

hot air ballon :-)

Kak Lang & Mirul
(Q for space shot!)



my little girls heroes

Kak Lang, Awwal & Me

Q lagi...
(Q for everything! huh...)


in monorail..
(luckily we r the last person dpt naik monorail
lepas je kitaorg naik, closed terus sbb hujan)

having lunch @KFC
celebrating Awwal's birthday too..

indoor games

to be continued... :-)


alfa juliet said...

\beraninya awal..org dewasa pun menjerit bagai tau...huhu

yangyuyu said...

looks like u re having fun..great vacation

Mummy AwwalHariz said...

alfa: yg mana? rodeo rider tu ke?? hariz yg naik awwal tak boleh naik... tapi mmg berani gile hariz..

Mummy AwwalHariz said...

yangyuyu: yup, sgt2 fun... saya suka last minute decision mcm ni.. baru best... hehe

alfa juliet said...

ohh hariz silap..hehe