Sunday, January 2, 2011

Get Together

I've got invitation from sweet friend o' mine for lunch @her house last Friday..
main course was prepared by the host, yang lain pot luck je...
finally, got the idea to do this...







choc with our names on it..
(sajer2 + takde keje.. hehe)

also the choc oreo for the kids
(sold out!)

jom tgk pic kami dolu-dolu...
we r officemates suatu ketika dulu :-)
mid 2009
(Syue's last day)

meeting for lunch @TGIF


how time flies...
but we still keep in touch and meet each other sometimes...
like what we did last Friday...
pic taken from Ms. Dots blog.. :-)
(without permission.. hehe.. sorry!)

Hariz, teman setia Mummy
(@KFC, have to buy lunch for Daddy kat rumah.. hehe)

Thanks Syue for the invitation...
dapat jumpa kengkawan lama...


bonda adhas said...


Mummy AwwalHariz said...

yes.. colorful... sgt sesuai utk kids..