Thursday, January 20, 2011

Putrajaya Treasure Hunt 2011

Last Saturday, I've joined this event with my colleagues...
mmmmm well, what I can say is....
luck is not with us... huhu...
means, we all tak berjaya pada event ini...
apa pun, kami enjoyyyyyyyy... :-)

the event


my team

ready to go

5 points for this shot

task completed
one of the task is...







ada berani????

done! after 6 hours in a game..

with Ms Dots a.k.a my team-mate

in hall for the presentation & prize giving ceremony

Lunatots.. have u ever heard about this?
mummy with baby sure tau kan...
the answer for 1st question is Lunatots..

know the reason???
 bulan = Lunar (Luna)
anak-anak = tots
anak-anak bulan = Lunatots

post mortem session @Mat'am Saba, Cyberjaya

yummy! lupa kejap kami kalah.. hehe

yang penting, we've learnt something new in this hunting field..
added value & experience for the coming event..
next event will be.....
 Amazing Hunt @******* organized by Kelab Proton
can't join since I'll be the committee..
good luck, friends...

my dear AwwalHariz dtg jemput Mummy @Cyber..
keh keh, dah rindu sgt la tu... :-)

saya penat nak bercerita psl event.. wanna know??
jom click sini!


aini aziz said...

LUNATOTS..apsal ade soklan psl lunatots plk..ko tau xsblm nie..

Mummy AwwalHariz said...

aini... hunting ni soalan nye biasanya signboard kedai... aku tau lunatots... tapi aku tak dpt jwb soalan tuh...